“Thraakethraaeate Thraithraake"
CD | p2-023


ENCENATHRAKH has returned.

“10/2/20! finally after 5 years in the making, our 2nd album, “Thraakethraaeate Thraithraake” is here. after writing, recording and then deleting an entire first attempt at the 2nd album (which just wasn’t up to par!), we held ourselves to the highest standards on this and are grateful to Robert Rock for helping us finally get a razor sharp guitar tone (you can actually hear the riffs on this one!). Rock was a total prick to us, a serious pain in the ass to deal with, and a taskmaster, but i have to say, he made us sound way SICKER than ever.
Special thanks to Cranston for contributing session bass to the record (and tracking all the bass in just 2 days! a far cry from the 3 years Rick and I spent recording the guitars, haha!). Coward and Vito have never sounded sicker. Couldn’t be happier with Rayality’s skilled and meticulous work on another album cover. thanks to P2 once again for believing in us, Earsturbation, Sick Reviews, and to the brutal death community for waiting. now get ready for 43 minutes of PURE OVERLY TECHNICAL BRUTALITY!”