“Hapeleptic Overtrove"
CD | p2-021

The worst band in the world, Behold the Arctopus returns with the worst album ever made, 
Hapeleptic Overtrove

artwork provided by Terry Grow, as usual.

we are very excited to have help spreading our unlistenable sonic garbage from 3 new labels:

P2 (NYC, USA): CD 

Dense(s) (Jakarta Indonesia): Cassette 

Willowtip (PA, USA): digital/bandcamp, LP 

in preparation for the Overtrove, Colin will be answering interview questions form the public live on Reddit's r/Metal

“Intensely prolific artist and producer **Colin Marston** will be joining us for an AMA here in r/Metal on the 25th of March (Wednesday), from 4pm EST to 6PM EST.

Colin Marston is well known for his involvement in a plethora of high-quality projects, including but not limited to **Krallice**, **Behold the Arctopus**, **Gorguts**, and Dysrhythmia. Marston is also head of the revered recording/mixing/mastering studio **Menegroth, the Thousand Caves**, located in New York. “