CD | p2-013

This musical entity lives up to its name - the equivalent to the torture device.
A brutal unforgiving punishment that chokes the light out of you and leaves you only in despair.
The down-tuned guitars submerges your head underwater,
while the resonant echoing snare hammers down the nails on your writhing pale flesh
and the gurgling guttural vocals are your internal muffled thoughts wishing it would all end.
Will you be able to survive this?

LIMITED to 300

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“The Lost IIII”
CS | p2-012

Turn off the lights - pop this on your tape deck – let the incense fill the night - close your eyes - inhale the ghost.
Exorcise your demons as you fall under the hypnotic trance of BLVCK CEILING
and hopefully, find your way out from the forest of the lost.


LIMITED to 100

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CS | p2-011

0-90 mph in the first second as soon as you press play.
This recording is a demonstration of the relentless surgical butchery that worships
the throne of Avantdumb legends like PUTRIDITY and ENMITY.
A prophetic warning to all who stand before this one-man juggernaut,
stand aside or become another brick on the mountain of


LIMITED to 100

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"Butchering Cosmic Giants"
CS | p2-010

Like neutrinos between matter and anti-matter, this recording has finally made its way on physical format.
“Butchering Cosmic Giants” is the carbon footprint to ARTIFICIAL BRAIN’s impressive full-length debut.
These are the ghostly stellar voices from a distant nova and you hear the signs of their twinkling brilliance.


LIMITED to 100

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CS | p2-009

The desultory harsh screaking feedbacks, droning oscillation surges and spastic outbursts of LIMBS BIN will mush your brains until it’s seeping out.
The auditory violence captured here is from a live performance that displays the unmatched brutality that can only be enjoyed by the sickest.

If the lord were to speak to you, would you be able to comprehend the divine voice? That is EPIKLESIS. A 10-minute meditative transmission for you to pray on.

If the split tape's cover doesn't serve as a warning, it's odor should raise another red flag that this isn't for you.
Are you sure you are up for this, knowing what fate awaits you?


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AEVITERNE "Sireless"
EP | p2-008

Aeviterne’s “Sireless” captures the sound of existential nightmares lurking deep beneath your subconscious. Each song is densely layered, draped with bleak industrial undertones and cold melodic passages. The guitars produce an impenetrable wall of sound accompanied by charging tribal war drums and a plodding bass keeping pulse. Tortured vocals wailing in agony drape the record, reminiscent of the early days of Death Metal.

Mastered by Colin Marston, the 7” has a tangible, warm, mid-range sound that’s in perfect harmony with the beautiful, enigmatic and surreal artwork by Mark McCoy.

Clear 7" Edition of 200
Black 7" Edition of 100

Featuring current and ex-members of Flourishing, Gath Šmânê, Artificial Brain